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Kay Clark

dear in woods

dandelion etching


Kay Clark, mixed media artist and print maker. Passionate about her audience and gives great commitment to them by producing prints, cards at amazing prices alongside her beautiful etchings and vibrant paintings

The Art

I have developed a real passion for dry point etching. The process of creating illustrations and expressive sketches, from hard and soft feathery lines and enhancing with watercolour is fascinating. It is a technique I have developed and honed and has become one of my trademarks. I am concerned primarily with lines and shapes, and from these I go on an artistic journey, where images, art forms, textures and movements emerge. I have a keen sense of contrast and tone in my work, and this can create diverse moods and visual effects. I am impressed by the impact of dark on light.

I love the tools making marks, the scraping, ink in the grooves, blotting, and finally, from the squeezing and force of the printing press, witnessing the finished product transferred onto damp paper. Another image is created and born.

I also love acrylics and mixed media – the vibrancy, colour and fast drying time of course. I often blend colours on the canvas, using different ways to slow down the drying time to achieve the textures and effects I desire. I like the process of making my own canvas board, so as not to be restricted to standard sizes and limited surfaces.

My work has developed from more realistic interpretations to current exploration into the abstract. It is emotional and can be all consuming and even exhausting.


Honing and perfecting my techniques and own unique style will continue to be a main preoccupation, in my studio and in art groups where we share ideas. I will continue to ‘get messy’ of course, experimenting and pushing forward my practice. I will always seek to create something unusual.
I will be focussing primarily on abstract painting, sometimes large pieces, and printmaking, in ways which are becoming particular to me as an established artist. More precisely, I am pursuing a series of work which is combining dry point etching, abstract and mixed media. I have also started to explore screen printing.

I desire an even deeper connection with the viewer, allowing further insights into my work. I want to share an experience rather than a picture. I am appreciating much more the value of story-telling in the creation of my art, and I believe this will inform my future work, and will reap more responses from my audiences.

For some years also, I have given more attention to the commercial aspects of my activities, increasing visibility in exhibitions and online, learning more about the world of social media and optimisation. Such a minefield but one I am prepared to tackle!

Selling to both new and known audiences gives me real pleasure and is for me the ultimate endorsement of my work. I have sold work regularly in my annual exhibitions and galleries and wish to build on that.


My studio is open by appointment only. 162 Chestnut Avenue, Peterborough. M:07581 277721.
My online shop:

I’m not exhibiting during PAOS 2021. My artwork is for sale via my website and

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Kay Clark

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Not exhibiting in 2021

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blue tit on bark of tree

My bird collection is inspired by my garden, where my studio and conservatory overlook the bird feeders. This little visitor, the Blue Tit, inspired me to create a dry point etching. He is a regular little visitor who comes to the feeders not far from my view.

Dry point etching is a technique into which you inscribe the image into a plate with a sharp tool. Once completed the plate is covered in ink, filling the image areas and lines on the plate. The ink is wiped away carefully so the ink remains in the inscribed areas only. The plate is then printed on damp paper with an etching press. With a piece of soft felt over the paper, the high pressure of the press forces the paper down into the inscribed lines, thus printing the image. This process often shows a plate mark embossed into the paper around the edges of the plate. When the image has been printed it is placed between sheets of acid free tissue, and blotting paper two or three days allowing it to dry flat.

An etching has to be inked up every time it is printed, so whilst an edition will try and create near identical prints, each print will be different. This is what is meant by the term original prints. The artist will decide on the number of editions to print from the plate then the original plate will be defaced or destroyed.

This etching was printed in a single colour of ink and hand painted in watercolour to finish the print.

Image 18cm x 23cm

Mounted size 25.5cm x 30.5cm

Signed and numbered on the front

Varied Edition 15

It comes with an acid free window mount and backing board. Cellophane wrapped and carefully flat-packed in a strong cardboard box. Frame not included.

The image is available as a card in my other products.


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