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Sandra Harper Oil Paintings


Frost. The inspiration for this painting were the patterns of frost on a window and the shapes and patterns that could simultaneously be seen through the window. Oil on stretched canvas. 1metre square.

Kimmeridge Bay. We visited this Bay when holidaying in Dorset between lockdowns. The formation of rocks are strange and fascinating. Embedded in them are dinosaur fossils famous over the world. Oil on stretched canvas.

Yard’s End Dyke, Yaxley. One November morning in 2020 mists hung over the fields. They floated like ghosts in my direction and came to rest as a sheet across the dyke. It was magical. Oil on stretched canvas.


Portrait of a male model.

Portrait. Captain Tom.



The Trinity. After a sermon on Trinity Sunday at our local church I was inspired to paint this representation of the words I’d heard. Sorry the picture is the wrong way round!


I STARTED PAINTING with relish in 2010. Now at every opportunity I have a paintbrush in my hand. Everything seems to demand exploration. Consequently content, size, technique and style are continually changing. 


Naomi’s Family. This painting was a commission and is a metre square. I thought about the characters in the family and matched flowers to each of them. For example, the delphinium, just left of centre represents a strong, upright member of the family whereas the red amarylis is a family member who is flamboyant and loves Christmas.

INSPIRATION can happen at any time, anywhere. As a result paintings range from splodges to naturalistic landscape; from portraits to body forms; from complex compositions based on text to simple emotion expressed on canvas.                                                           

Take a look at my website for current work.

The Wave.  In Lee Bay, North Devon the waves crash against the rocks and on the beach. Lying in the sea and looking along the wave, I saw an eye. This is my take on it.

Flood in Ferry Meadows.  In January 2018 Peterborough had downpours reminiscent of Mediterranean rain. The land in Ferry Meadows was completely covered in water. Amongst the trees I saw this fallen log. The light was blue/purple. It was a magical sight.








Lee Bay, North Devon. Oils on canvas. A small private beach with enormous rocks, beaten by the sea during winter months.


For some landscapes I’ve found the lightness of watercolours appealing especially subjects that include trees, water and clouds. 

Walk in the Spinney. Watercolour. The spinney is in Yaxley and is an oasis of peace and quiet situated beside St. Peter’s Church and surrounded by countryside.

Although oils are my great love I do dabble in watercolours when a scene demands it.

The Girl with the Emerald earring. Oil on canvas. Grey floating frame.










During this year my focus has been on portraits and landscapes. Both inspired by Renaissance artists and Impressionists. 




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