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A new website dedicated to selling work and souvenirs from Peterborough's artists has been launched, is the brainchild of Thorney-based artist Chris Lane and Peterborough Tourism Manager Tracy Snooks, and is perfect for those searching for Peterborough-based gifts online.

Posters, prints, cards, publications, jewellery and crafts are all on sale through the site

Chris, the person behind the website, said: "More and more people are buying arts and crafts online.  My company, Artinfusion. together with Tracy, the city's Tourism Manager, and Jackie Hall from the PAOS committee have been looking at other avenues to increase and outlets to offer not only Peterborough products but the great selection of artists that live and work in the city."

[caption id="attachment_10662" align="alignnone" width="600"] Chris Lane, Artinfusion, has developed the[/caption]

"The city has a vibrant arts' community and it's important that we continue to support our local artists in these challenging times by selling their work to a wider audience via the internet."

The online shop has already attracted a number of Peterborough Artists' Open Studios' members including Tony Nero, Kerry Richardson, Prue Pye and Sue Keen.

Kerry said "I would usually sell my jewellery through Open Studios' events and other arts and crafts fairs across the country each year.  This year has been different with many events being postponed or cancelled which was very disappointing.  Becoming a seller on the Peterborough Gift Shop has provided me with a new outlet for my work and I've been really happy with the sales I've made so far."

There is no charge to become a seller or to set up your items on the online shop. You only pay 25% commission when an item is sold.

The Peterborough Gift Shop is designed for people who live in the PE (Greater Peterborough) postcode area.  If you are interested in become a seller on the  shop email to find out more.



New online art shop launched for Peterborough

A new website dedicated to selling work and souvenirs from Peterborough’s artists has been launched, is the brainchild of Thorney-based More

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