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Zoom Meetings and Videos for PAOS 2021

Blisscohen showing her beautiful artwork for PAOS 2021

As 2021 shapes up following the new lockdown in January and the ever evolving vaccination program, PAOS is seeking to adapt to the new circumstances and help PAOS artists and their potential audiences get in contact with each other this year.

There are a few new options being discussed, namely: video releases and promotions, appointment systems for visiting studios where safety will be paramount, and zoom meetings and lectures held by arrangement of PAOS artists.

Many other organisations in the leisure and print media have already adapted their business models as demand for magazines through high street and supermarket sales has dipped over the last year. Many societies and lecturers have turned the tables on plummeting sales and produced videos and seminars often on a low budget to paying audiences. Works are in progress to the PAOS website to help to this end.

The website can only facilitate what is and should be the artist-audience-visitor relationship, therefore if you as a visitor would like to arrange a meeting with any PAOS artist, there is no need to wait for a visiting date or a link to appear on the PAOS website: simply get in contact with any artist straight away to find out more about their work.

Some more experienced PAOS artists are also art teachers; they and other PAOS artists already run pay to view workshops, bookable for instance through social media. There will be a variety of information and opportunities out there already. There is, for now, no PAOS organised charging system or lecture schedule put together, but it is under discussion.

PAOS membership officially starts in March but each artist returning year to year, updates their page at anytime. Check back to see if your favourite creative is doing something zoom in 2021.

Jurgita Banioniene has been showing her lovely work, here is a short video the likes of which we hope to see more of through PAOS 2021:

Jurgita Banioniene holding her beautiful artwork video link

see more of her work and get in contact with her here:



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