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A Flea Cycle emerges from Peterborough’s Poetry evenings

Book launch: at #paos2023.

The Flea Cycle (or The Earth’s Dilemma)!

“The beginning of the end… or is it?
This is the story of an unlikely trio: a dreamy, if a little depressed, young journalist, a bio-mechanical flea and his wind-up yellow duck – and their mission to save Planet Earth from cosmic calamity.
A tale told in poems.”

I wrote the original poems for the pint of poetry evenings at Charters bar in 2006/7. I’ve since added to the collection and made illustrations… go the I.G.Flea !

See the book, and some of the associated artwork made into posters, along with a custom built observatory and paintings including the first Flea concept works that grew into the book drawings…

When? This weekend 24th and 25th June 2023 only

Where? 55 Main Street, Ailsworth PE5 7AF

Time? 10am – 6pm

Message to pre-order the Flea Cycle (or the earth’s dilemma) book.


A bio-mechanical flea receives a message from the cosmos – illustration by James Tovey 2023

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Sunrise over Planet Earth seen from an approaching comet. Book illustration by James Tovey 2023


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