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Terms and Conditions

Peterborough Artists’ Open Studios (PAOS) Terms & Conditions

  1. PAOS is open to all artists working in any medium, living or working in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.
  2. All work displayed must be original and must be the work of the registered member.
  3. An application for full membership entails three procedures: Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, Payment, and completion of the PAOS MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.
  4. Acceptance by PAOS of this membership application entitles the member to a PAOS membership for 12 months, a single entry in the PAOS brochure, and a dedicated artist’s page on the website.  PAOS reserves the right to decline any application deemed unsuitable. All fees must be paid in full with the application.
  5.  Artists sharing a space with other artists must submit separate applications and pay the appropriate full membership fee.
    • Full members, who pay the standard fee, may exhibit in the annual exhibition, and may have an entry in the brochure and on the website.
    • Group members, who exhibit in the same venue as one another, pay a slightly reduced fee. There must be eight or more people in a group to qualify for this. The group may have one entry on the brochure and on the website.
    • Charity membership group, your organisation will be a registered charity and the PAOS participation will be organised by a responsible representative from your charity. Charity groups must be pre-approved by the PAOS committee before filling out an application form.
    • Junior members, who must be under 18, pay a reduced fee and must only exhibit in the venue of a participating host artist who is over 18, the host artist must have provision in place for Public Liability Insurance as an Arts Organiser. The junior member may have one entry on the brochure and on the website.
    • Junior Artist Education Class, a group membership for Junior artists in a bonafide educational class of 3 students or more aged under 18 who will be supervised by a teacher or tutor during PAOS. If the teacher wishes to be a Full Artist Member then their membership  is counted as part of the fee and they will retain their own listing in the brochure as well, if this is the case please complete one form as a Full member Artist and another form for the Junior Artist Education Class, ticking the correct boxes on the joining forms re membership.
    • If there are any additional requirements or circumstances not covered by these terms and conditions, artists should discuss their plans for the Open Studio weekend events with a committee member, before submitting their application. PAOS reserves the right to charge a full year’s membership fee to any non-members participating at a PAOS venue. It is the responsibility of any registered host PAOS member to inform any non-members who might exhibit with them that such fees are payable.
  1. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all details on the application form are correct at the time of submission. It is also the applicant’s responsibility to check their artist’s statement and submit in writing any amendments required before the deadline stated. PAOS reserves the right to exclude, edit or decline any content deemed to be inappropriate. Every endeavour will be made to ensure the accuracy of information included, but PAOS accepts no liability for any errors or omissions in the brochure, advertising, and promotional material. 
  2. The yearly application deadline as displayed on the PAOS website is non negotiable. Applications for membership are deemed to be completed when all necessary documents, images and payment have been received.
  3. Each member will benefit from a dedicated artist’s page on the website. Once the website page is set up with the member’s name and primary image, it is the member’s responsibility to check all their details displayed are correct and any information they do not wish to be displayed is removed. New applicants and returning artists must accept responsibility for, and learn how to manage and maintain the content of, their artist’s page. For personal security or privacy reasons, an artist is entitled to ask the committee to help in the removal of their entry or information from the website at any time during the year but not as part of an effort in unilateral withdrawl from PAOS.
  4. On submission of the application form the applicant agrees that the PAOS committee cannot be held liable for any effects or damages incurred arising from any information on the application form that appears on the website inadvertently including errors made through misunderstanding the form content, format or through typo error by the committee in helping artists set up their pages. The PAOS webteam will endevour to help remove any such accidently included information from site as soon as practicably possible on request from the applicant.
  5. Members cannot withdraw from the PAOS event and membership fees cannot be refunded once the application has been accepted and the brochure production has started. This is to ensure production costs are covered.
  6. A banner will be provided for display outside each venue. Hosts can request more than one banner if the venue requires more. The banner/banners must be returned  within 30 days of the last PAOS event date. If the banner is not returned, or is damaged, artists participating at the venue will be required to contribute towards the cost of replacement.
  7. Every member must open their venue to the public on the days and times specified in the brochure, and all hosts must be in attendance during the opening times stated.
  8. The PAOS logo and ‘Peterborough Artists Open Studios’ as an entity must not be used on any personal or professional promotional material without written permission from the committee. Any proposed partnerships of PAOS with existing members, groups, third party organisations, or businesses must be expressly agreed before publicising and agreement confirmed in writing by the PAOS committee.
  9. Images submitted for inclusion in the directory or website may also be used by PAOS on other promotional materials, without further permission from the artist. PAOS artists are responsible for the quality of the images they submit, and it is recommended that members use a photographer to obtain  images of  a professional standard.
  10. PAOS will not accept any liability for any member or visitor and/or  for damage to/ or loss of work, equipment or other property in the care of members, or by the visiting public. Artists opening their studios are responsible for the safety of their visitors and themselves. It is recommended that you obtain product insurance and public liability cover. For your own safety it is not advisable to be on your own at your venue during open studio visiting times.
  11. No liability can be accepted by the Peterborough Artists Open Studios group from perceived lack of response or take up from any advertising as organised by the PAOS committee.
  12. PAOS is not responsible for any losses resulting from the unlikely cancellation of the event, although they will endeavour to reimburse fees where possible.
  13. PAOS will usually communicate with members via email to keep them informed of key matters. If you do not wish to be communicated with in this manner, please use the unsubscribe facility on the emails at your earliest convenience.
  14. PAOS membership is run in accordance with its constitution, a copy of which is available on request and can also be found in the resources section of accessible to PAOS members. Any member found not abiding by any of the above terms and conditions, will risk exclusion from further PAOS events.


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